Be it voiceovers for traditional radio ads and television commercials -- or the wave of new media channels which the Internet has made mainstream like podcasts and videos for YouTube and social networks like Facebook -- the voice behind your marketing is critical to your campaign’s success.

As a result, the importance of choosing the right talent for your voiceovers cannot be stressed enough. This is even more imperative if you are starting out with a marketing venture of your own for the first time due to the inherent lack of experience that a beginner has. Remember, the talent behind your voiceovers can make or break your campaign.

However, the daunting task of selecting the right voice for your campaign starts from a relatively simple but powerful idea. It’s crucial that you start with yourself, your company or service and your potential clients. You have to know, in the most certain terms as possible, what you want out of your marketing venture.

Naturally, to know what you want out of your marketing campaign entails that you know what your company is about. This is fairly easy for a dedicated business owner since your business is kind of like your own child.

After knowing this, you will also need to understand your target audience and potential clients, as this will help a lot in selecting the right talent for your voiceovers.

In a sense, the person in your voiceovers personifies your company when an audience -- in this case, a potential client -- hears your ads. This is where the importance of knowing your potential client comes in. You have to know what voice will be the most appealing to this audience; a voice they’ll recognize, think and feel like a voice that belongs in their group.

In simpler terms, you need to pick a voice that is so effective that people will hear that voice in their heads when they think of your company or the service that you are offering. Of course, the brilliance and creativity of the campaign you will put out also has a role here, but the talent in your voiceovers should also be as striking as this creativity.

Because of this pressure, finding the right person to do your voiceovers can be very difficult. If you have the resources, it may be ideal to consult a marketing agency which has a lot of experience in this field. However, if you don’t, you can still find a great person to do your voiceovers by practicing due diligence.

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